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Hurry ChicagoADs! CAPA End-of-Year Education Sessions - Register before Wednesday!

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For those of you who are in the Chicago Land area you may be interested inattending this event.  

Email for all the details  chicagolandapa@gmail.com  

https://www.chicagolandactivities.comChicago'>https://www.chicagolandactivities.comChicago Land Activity Professionals Association is a greatorganizations developed to help professionals in the activity field succeed.  If you plan on attending I believe the “walk in fee” is $20. If you are a member you will not need to pay.  RSVP HERE <mailto:chicagolandapa@gmail.com> June 20, 2008  From: CAPA Chicagoland Activity Professionals Association <chicagolandapa@gmail.com> Hello CAPA Members & friends,   This is a final reminder to register via email for the June 20th end-of-yeardouble education session.  Details are below. Please let us know if you will beattending so we can make sure we have enough of everything for everyone.   We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday! We, the current CAPA Board of Directors, would like to thank you for theopportunity to serve as your board over this past year and a half. We hope that our re-vamping of the CAPA website, acquiring official CEU for our monthlyeducation sessions, development of varied ways to pay fees, the entertainer fair,and a more visible directorial staff, have been of help to our membership.  We give our best wishes to the new board of directors who will be announced onWednesday and wish CAPA members all the best in the future.  Thank you.  Sincerely yours, The Chicagoland Activity Professionals Board of Directors  2017-2018: Mike McCann Nancy Ichinose Paul Nustra Erica Dwean Leslie Everhart Helene Simon Kelly Ichinose Jane Allyson Brian Baldassaera Jannette Spenny (Past President)  https://www.chicagolandactivities.com RSVP HERE <mailto:chicagolandapa@gmail.com> June 20, 2008   9:30am Check in & light breakfast 10am-12pm: Session 1: “Impact” (Fall Prevention)  12pm-1:30pm: Luncheon & Awards Presentation  1:30pm-3:30pm: Session 2: “Don't Stress Me Out” (Relaxation)  

Lake Forest Place

1100 Pembridge Dr,

Lake Forest, IL 60045 847-604-6700

 Impact: Designing a fall prevention program for seniors This session explores howactivity professionals and related colleagues can reduce falls in ourcommunities! Expand your knowledge of fall prevention techniques and explore waysto create a multi-faceted fall prevention program in your community.  Don’t stress me out:  teaching relaxation to seniors This session will teach a variety of techniques,including movement, guided imagery, aromatherapy and progressive relaxation thatthe recreation professional can use to promote relaxation and assist in stressrelief. 

Email for all the details  chicagolandapa@gmail.com

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