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ADN Student reports back about his visit with State...

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Hi. Just an FYI.. One of Members just went through their Survey,  he was tagged for not making his careplans more individualize, in particular he did not list the activities, and materials he used for his 1 on 1 visit.

Documentation is a picture painted with words. The Assessment should provide a clear representation of who your resident is, by the time you finish anyone finishes reading the Assessment they should know just about everything about the person, and have a good understanding of the person from deduction of the facts. Your careplans and your progress notes should paint the same type of picture. Anyone should be able to pick up your notes and find out if your resident was happy or sad, disappointing or complaining, just from your notes.


In the case above the One On One visit could have been followed by your one on one cart offerings i.e. Cards, Music, Message, Writing, Emails or computer time.. Adding his or her reactions ( sigh, smile, eye movement, hand gesters, participation, enjoying , singing, and the outcomes.


Share your Survey Visits with the group,  who knows you may need a suggestion someday...


later Pennie

thanks for being a part of our network.




Anyone want a Free Adult Coloring Book  Perfect for the New Behavioral Health Regs.    18pgs   I am Not Defined by My Scars    (normally $9.95 reproducable)


Post something on our Twitter Page or Our Facebook page  (Share with the community about your Activity Director experiences. Surveys, 1on1, Volunteers, Group Activities, Field Trips or any Activity Director Working Place subject.


The 5 Posts and the 5 Tweets that get the most likes and comments wins a Free Copy.  Contest ends June 7th.

I will post the winners.  

Send your submission link to admin@activitydirector.net,  include the link,  your name and a email. I will email you if you win


If you want to just buy a copy of Adult Coloring Book , send me an email.  admin@activitydirector.net

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