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"Buy In" of CNAs during activities

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I am finishing my final practicum for the MEPAP I. One thing I struggle with as a life enrichment manager (activities) is the ability to get CNAs interested in participating in our activities. Our activities are getting better (because I am new on board and giving time and thought to engaging, meaningful activities) and I want the CNAs to have fun!


What has your experience been and how can you help me?





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One thing I always tried to do was include the staff in all the activities functions.. Craft shows, Halloween contests, secret word,  intercom bingo, find the groundhogs contest, employee of the month contest (as per the residents, I tried to get paid time off for the winner, admin went bananas, he gave in a little, it worked out)

I would include the staff and families in all food and family get together,  We kept forms that allowed the staff to log after hour activities among the residents so they were familiar friends, reminders in the room that helped visiting staff find common topics of discussion.


When it came time to hold an In-Service, to ask the entire facility to participate in the care and well being of everyone , especially when activities needed help..  everyone felt they were part family and it wasnt such a battle about job descriptions..  


hope this helps..

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