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Florida Facility Entertainer - George Burns and Gracie Allen Together Again"

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Wanna make a hit with your residents?
 Invite George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Red Skelton and Jimmy Durante over and let the show begin!
Meet Peter Salzer, Lynn Roberts and Betsy Wickard as they bring the greats to your residents.  Some of the best comedy
of your residents lives brought to life at your facility.
Performing mostly in Florida. Browse the videos below to see George and Friends come to life.
As a George Burns Tribute Artist Peter was awarded the SUNBURST CELEBRITY SUNNY AWARD,
AGENTS BEST IMPRESSIONIST 2016. He performs up to an hour of a Tribute to George
A video clip of this show is at

“George Burns and Gracie Allen Together Again,”, is the latest Burns and Allen
Tribute that Peter performs with Betsy Wickard as Gracie.
A video clip is at

Lynn Roberts and Peter teamed up to do “George Burns and Friends”, a show consisting of
two 45 minute acts with Lynn portraying Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and
Jimmy Durante.
A video clip of this show is at

Do you need a great show for your facility.. give a call.

Peter Salzer
Cell 610-329-8306


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