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Alzheimer's Activities

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Crayon sun catcher:


you will need:


handheld pencil sharpener

waxed paper

wood cutting board

oven mit


construction paper

kitchen towel

hot iron



Twist crayons into sharpener to make shavings(watch your residents so they dont eat the crayons or shavings).spread shavings onto waxed paper,and place another piece of waxed paper on top of that.place the kitchen towel over the waxed paper and rub the hot iron over the paper to melt the crayons.let picture cool down then cut off excess wax paper and make a frame around your picture out of construction paper.hang in a bright sunny window,the colors are beautiful....

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Every week we take our alzheimers unit out to Wal-Mart and eat lunch at McDonalds.We let them shop for their" goodies"and window shop. Its a great way for the community to see how we treat our residents,and to market our facility(we always take buss.cards,brochures)and its wonderful for our residents to get out and mingle with others.

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Spring Flower Pins


You will need:


Fake flower bouquet($.86 a bouquet at Wal-Mart)

Hot glue gun

Pin Backs




Cut the buds off of the stem of the flower,hot glue the bud to a pin back and let dry.Thats it!!! Make a bunch to pass out to female residents to brighten up your facility! :-)

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Weekly Store


When-ever we have a game of Bingo or other game,I pass out ''funny money", money that i have made up before hand.then every Friday the residents take their "funny money" and go to the store and purchase items that they want.

the store is in my office( just a few bookcases with candy,cookies,chips,sodas,juices,fruit,lotions,purfumes,soaps,toothpaste.

kleenex,etc.)but the residents love to "shop" for what they want. :-) gina

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:idea: Sunflower Wind Chime:


You will need:

Lots of colorful buttons

Paper plates

Yellow construction paper


Fishing wire

Small gold color bells

Yellow ribbon



Give each resident a paper plate and a handful of buttons.Put a layer of glue on the plate and then let resident place buttons all over the plate in a circle shape,cover the whole plate.Let dry.Then cut small triangles of yellow construction paper and place around the plate in the back of the plate with glue(these are the petals).Let dry.Then give residents a handful of bells and let them try to string the bells on the fishing wire.You will need three strings of bells for each sunflower.

Turn the sunflower over and glue the bell strings on the back of the bottom of the plate.Let dry.Then hang outside with the ribbon(punch a hole with a hole puncher and put the yellow ribbon thru)and listen to the bells chime.Happy Spring!!! :-)

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Pretty Napkin Holders


These are easy to make,and will look pretty for your Mother's Day celebration or any time.


You will need:

Paper towel or tolet paper rolls(the part left after the paper is gone)





Paint Brushes



Cut the paper rolls into small sections(about 2 inches high).Let your residents paint the holder any way they like.Let dry.Then let resident put beads or glitter on it.Then put over a fabric napkin and set on your table.

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Hi All,

I was asked recently in an e-mail about memory carts for Alzhiemers Residents

so I thought I would put it on the board so everyone can take a look and maybe put some other ideas on the site too. :-) Sharing is Caring.....

Memory Cart / Room Visit Cart:

A cart with wheels

construction paper


glue sticks


large buttons with shoelaces(to lace to the buttons)

different color,sizes of buttons(to sort by color and size)

zippers(to open or close)

different types of materials(felt,silk,sandpaper,cotton balls,foil.etc)tactile/touch

coloring pages/pictures

magazines(for scrapbooks)

bibles(bible study or to pray w/res.)

scented lotions(for hand/arm massage)

c.ds and c.d player(music or sing along)

poker chips(to sort)

baby clothes(to fold)

washcloths/handtowels(to fold)

plastic bag w/ cherrios,fruit loops(to sort out and eat!)

make up(to put on ladies)

facial creams(for facials)

socks(to sort)

yarn(to wind up in a ball)

paper and pens(to write letters)

nail polish(pretty nails)

fake flowers and vase(to arrange flowers)

Any or all of these items make it eaiser to have a meaningful room visit or small group visit.Just Have Fun with your residents :-) gina

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This is a activity I got from Activity Director's Guide. It could also be used as a group act.


Make 2 batches of Jell-O & place into ice cube trays. For more color, use 2 different kinds of Jell-O


Then write a bunch of reminiscing questions on the paper. Try to make them relevant to the resident. Example:

What was your favorite holiday as a child?

What did you do to relax 30 years ago?

How did your spouse propose to you?

Who was your first boy/girlfriend?


Once you have about 10 quetions made, cut tem apart. Place in the middle of a square piece of foil, and scrunch up into a ball. When the jell-o is finished, place the ssquare cubes into a large bowl & randomly place the foiled questions into the bowl as well. Have the resident fish out a question and answer it. Have wet & dry paper towels on hand for them to wipe off their hands as needed.

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8-) That sounds like a blast!! I am going to try it first chance that comes up!! I have one that works for med/high functioning residents, and residents that tend to get agitated easily. And its very simple!


Items needed: med/large mixing bowls, and several bags of marshmallows, dab of flour

arrange residents so they are in a circle. give each resident a bowl with 10-12 marshmallows. lightly dust marshmallows with flour.Explain to residents that the object is to be the first one to get rid of all the marshmallows in their bowl. However, they cannot just throw their marshmallows on the floor, they have to try to make them into someone else's bowl. They can throw one marshmallow at a time. and they cannnot throw to the person to their immediate left or right. The first one to get rid of their marshmallows wins. we even have a marshmallow thrower champ!! The residents really laugh, especially when they can see the flour where the marshmallows hit someone (and their very soft, so it doesn't hurt)

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Hi all,

Here is a fun idea to use for your Dementia/Alzheimers residents...

Have a large container with the following items in it,pull it out when ever your act.plans fall through or entertainment doesnt show up,etc.

Crafting station:

Set up a table with misc.supplies such as:

film canisters

egg cartons

milk cartons


bingo dobbers

old cds


old cassette tape cases


cereal boxes


shoe boxes

baby food jars


old pill bottles(clean out first)

pvc pipe pieces

construction paper

felt pieces

glitter sticks(glue w/glitter)

and any other items you could find

Let your residents just look at all the supplies you have and let them use their imagination to make something fun!

Have fun! Gina



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Great idea! I have used plastic activity 'tubs' for a few years now and find that it is the only way to have interdisciplinary involvement. Out of frustration I put together a craft tub much like yours and left it out 'accidently' on one of our units; the next day I learned that the CNAs found the craft tub and brought residents together after the evening meal for a craft group. The secret is to fill the tubs with really neat, cool items (like your glitter glue) and the staff will want to use the items but of course they know that the only way they will be able to use the cool stuff is if they are doing an activity with a resident. We now have CNAs who bring me ideas for activity tubs and sometimes items to put into the tubs. Guess it's true, if they think it is their idea they are much more likely to be on board!

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