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  Congratulations!!! Take a deep breath and relax!! This is the most amazing job in the world, noone could tell me otherwise! Remember that it will take a little while to get into your routine and learn all of your residents but it will happen much faster than you are probably feeling right now, it will come i promise! Remember to make time to get on the floor with your assistants and residents to build personal relationships and to learn the residents routines that you will be careplanning! Good luck with everything!

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Hello,    We all feel the same, before you know it, everything will click for you, you will  know your residents and staff develop a relationship with all of them.   Most of all, have fun and keep it simple.


Good luck, and congratulations 


Mary Zonneville


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Hi Doris!

This is one of your fellow Mepap1 students. . . Congratulations on your new job! You will do fine. I'm sometimes nervous as the new activity director at my facility because I was promoted from being an activity assistant just four months ago. There will be people willing to help you along the way I'm sure, and as long as you care about your residents and try your best you will be ok!

Good luck and all the best!

Jean T

Mepap1- 0207017

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