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What Features Would You Want in an Activity Director Management Software Program?

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Hello everyone!


My team designs software programs and we are looking for feedback to build an Activity Director Management software program that can meet the needs of the majority of Activity Directors. We would like to know what's important for you to be able to do your job more efficiently and what you would like to be able to track and report on so we can include your needs in our software program.


From what we've researched and learned so far, it's important for you to have the following:


  • Electronic Calendar Management (a link to the online calendar can displayed on your website/social media pages, advertised in newspapers and online, displayed on your closed circuit TV, and emailed to your residents and their families) 


  • Printable Calendar Support (the calendar must be enabled to be enlarged and printed)


  • Electronic Resident Profile (enter important details about each resident, including their activities interests) - what else would you like to track on the Resident Profile?


  • Share notes about residents with staff


  • Share notes about residents and their activity participation with the resident's family


  • Online sign up for activities


  • Electronic resident check-ins for activities


  • Report on resident participation for each activity and roll up totals for each activity category


  • Report to the resident's family the percentage of activities they participated in and the percentage of increase or decrease in participation from last year/month - what else would you like to report to the family?


  • Report on resident participation trends (favorite activity categories and levels of engagement)


  • Report on which activities were well received and liked and which ones were not


If you can explain exactly what you need in a software program, we would greatly appreciate it. We are building this for YOU so your feedback is critical.


Thank you!


Melissa Howard

Diametric Data Systems




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