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Activity that we offer- Professional Development- Final


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A one-hit wonder is a term used to describe an individual singer or band that records a major hit song but fails to achieve success with future endeavors.  It can also refer to the lone song that becomes popular.  These songs are often great fun to listen to because they are catchy and infectious.  They usually owe their success to a songwriter who has composed a highly marketable song that almost anyone could record and make popular.
One-hit wonders are generally associated with pop music from the 1950s to current day.  This month's activity will feature music mainly from 1950s through the early 1980s.
Your participants will play a game of Name That Tune, where they will listen to some of these one-hit wonders and will score points for naming the song titles and triple points for coming up with the name of the individual or group that recorded the song.  The name of the artist for each song is given in multiple-choice format if the group fails to come up with the answer.
*Mental stimulation
* Music appreciation
* CD player
The correct one-hit wonder artist answers are in bold.  Most of these songs were No.1 hits.  They can be downloaded individually at sites such as iTunes.com or found in video form on YouTube.com.  Be sure to preview all material before playing it for your group.  This list is just a suggestion.  
With a little bit of research, you can create your own list tailored to the interests and age group of your participants.
___Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) 1954
  a) The Seagulls   B) The Penguins  c) The Turtles
___To Know Him Is To Love Him 1958
  a) The Teddy Bears  b)The Bees Knees  c) The Cotton Candies.
___Dominique 1963
  a) The Singing Nun  B) The Flying Nun  c) Sally Field.
___The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia 1973
 a) Shelley Fabares  B) Jean Stapleton  c) Vicki Lawrence.
___You Light Up my Life 1977
 a) Debby Boone  B) Lisa Marie Presley  c)Rosanne Cash.
___Lovin'You 1975
a) Mariah Carey  B) Minnie Riperton  c) Lena Horne.
___Mickey 1982
a) Joan Jett  B) Madonna  c) Toni Basil.
___Puttin'On the Ritz 1983
  a) Frito  b)Taco  c) Bingo.
-Start the group by explaining what a one-hit wonderis.
Ask the group members if they can name one off the top of their heads.
- Explain the rules of the game to your participants: you will be playing them recordings of one-hit wonders, and for each song, they are to guess the name of the song and the name of the artist.  They get a point for naming the song and three points if they name the artist without help from the multiple-choice selections.  They get one point if they guess the correct artist from the multiple-choice selections.  
- Play as many selections as you have available and as time allows.  Be sure to remind staff and those passing by not to yell out the answers.
- Tally the score and if possible, give out a prize to the winner.
- Proceed to the discussion questions.
_ Which one-hit wonder was your favorite?
_ Which song did you like the least?
_ Have you ever known someone who recorded a hit record?
_ Why do you think the artists on this list were only able to have success on time?



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