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does anyone have any ideas how to get a "volunteer" to come communicate with a deaf resident. I have tried the colleges but they say they need a tb shot and background check to come??? I'm in Michigan.... Help!

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National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped can provide books and audio, along with adaptive equipment.

I don't know about the TB shot, never had that one told to me.

Contact churches seem if they have a members or know of someone.

Google this you be surprised what comes up that you may find useful.

There are lots ways to communicate, use flash cards, pencil & papers, laptop etc.

Best of luck

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Hi - also try the State School for the Deaf.  Most states have one.  ie: Oregon State School for the Deaf.  They often have help available.

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Do you have a Helen Keller Center in your state?  They teach classes in sign language, and have many volunteers, staff, and resources to check out.  Even if you don't have a center in your state, the national office representative should be able to give you a list of ASL signers in your area.  


Another great resource is an online free ASL video dictionary, ASLpro, where they show you how to make the sign you need.  Hope these ideas are at least a starting point!



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Hi. when I look at translator apps for the phone. a bunch come up...   but what about texting with the resident..  might be an alternative for some residents.. not for all.  just a thought

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I would love to find someone to teach me/ our department! That would technically count as being bi-lingual, right? I think sign language is a great thing. The only disappointing factor is many of the elderly residents are going deaf and don't learn sign language. But, for the few that do!

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