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Simple app or software to track resident activity participation?

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Hey folks,


My name is Kyle. I just joined this morning, and I am actually a software developer in north Alabama. :)


I need a little bit of help on something.


The other night, I was talking to an AD in Nevada, and she began explaining to me how much of a pain it is to track resident participation in activities. They're doing it all on paper, whenever they get the chance, etc. A friend of mine confirmed that this is a problem, and said one contact of his said it takes 30-45 per day to do so and that it's a hassle. Everyone we've talked to say that they have to fill out 1 report per resident per day.


I'm doing research right now to find out: Is this a real issue? If it is, I may consider developing a super simple app that you can use on your phone or laptop, that will enable you to enter data SUPER quickly and at the end of the day it will automatically generate all the individual resident reports, without you ever having to touch a piece of paper.


Would any of you be willing to talk with me here, or by email, or chat on the phone?


- Is this an actual problem?

- Would any of you be willing to discuss this with me through a chat on the phone?

- If you already have a solution that you're happy with, how are you doing it?


Thank YOU,


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Hi Kyle, I like the software proactivityreports.com but I am having trouble telling if they are really still in business, so I am in search of a similar program.  They handle all the documentation a surveyor might ask for, and the calendar and attendance. If you come up with something like that I am in.  However, I REALLY WISH that there was something similar to that written in excel or word or access.  Here's why... my company frowns on outside software being used.  So what I would really really love is to purchase a completed "template" with the drag and drop from my list of activities and my reports and my attendance and then print out my calendar in many formats with my clipart. 


Feel free to email me


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