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Ideas For A Res Turning 100 Years

Guest mirtha

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Guest mirtha

:-) hello need ideas about what kind of event should i prepare a resident who is going to turn 100 years old. who should i call first if the newspaper and town or a letter to the pres. please help this my first one.

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Hi! We did this a couple years ago with a lady who was 110. First, letter from the President-do this in advance, forget if it needed a whole month or what. Because of this lady's age, I made contact with a man who keeps an updated list of national and world supercentenarians (google that and you'll probably find him). We invited mayor of town, all her family, her church (she was from the county next door), and congressmen. Mayor came and spoke, handed out certificate as he proclaimed it her day, nice big cake, flowers, corsage, made sure her hair had been done and she was in nice suit. Get your marketing director involved here. Everyone had a nice time, she opened presents and was very excited. Good luck!

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