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Meaningful Goals for Care Plans


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I am looking for insight on how to develop meaningful goals for resident Care plans.  I am having difficulty striking a balance between having a valuable long term goal, and having a measurable goal.  A generic measurable goal such as: "A resident will participate in ____ activities ____ times per week through the review date"  is easy to measure, but really feels more like an intervention than a goal.  And picking a number of times to participate in a particular activity feels arbitrary to me.  Out of all the ways of spending time, why is this one more valuable than others?  The more honest-feeling goals of "so and so will experience satisfaction with daily activity involvement" are difficult to document and measure.  One formula I have seen which might strike a happy middle ground is "so and so will demonstrate (quality of life, satisfaction, engagement, etc.) by participating in _______ activities _____ times per week through the review date."  However, it still doesn't seem quite true to real life. 


Any suggestions on improving resident goals for care plans?




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