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California Requirement for Coordinators- Help I'm Lost

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I attended College and received 72 hours of Activity Coordinator Training and was awarded a certification of completion.


I went for an interview on Monday, and Wed. During both of these interviews I was asked if I had completed the 24 hours of required training.


After leaving the second interview, I wondered....  


Does my certificate cover the "required by law/state agency/ 24 hours course"  they are talking about?


Is there some higher power (State Agency) that I was so post to forward my certificate to or take additional test, training hours, etc?


Who is it that is the entity that is actually requiring anyone to hold a Activity Coordinator Training Certificate?


Do I need CEU's? Are they required by anyone other than AC/AD professional organizations that are not required by law/licensing that I can join only if I wish?


I was up until 2:30 in the morning searching for the answer on the internet (btw- this is how I found this website) this morning I spent several hours on the telephone going around in circles trying to find the answers.

916-552-8700 (licensing certifying board of California) nothing

916-322-2760 referred to another number800-807-6755 on hold and in the cue for over an hour, then when it was my turn... Disconnected

916-651-8848 no agent here either, and after pressing number after number I still did not get any info

211- referred to EDD..

EDD, go on line, nothing there regarding Activity Coordinators

714-567-2906 Public Health/Licensing for SNF--entity that completes state surveys, THEY REFERED ME TO GOOGLE "ACTIVITY COORDINATOR/DIRECTORS FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA"


I am frustrated, and back to exactly were I started yesterday!


Can you help?


incase this thread gets lost, my personal email is iairbrushu@yahoo.com


Thank you,

Dawn Livesay, LVN, AC  

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