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New To The Whole Deal...

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:hammer: howdy everybody! I just found out about your site and thought I would give it a try. All I can say is WOW! This is definately something I needed and look forward to networking with all of you. I read about the other sites as well and look forward to trying them too. As the topic says I am brand spanking new to this career. My name is Jeremy, I am 25 and live in the Orlando area working at a residential ALF and Dementia House. Prior to this I worked for the YMCA as a Sports Director and my degree is in Sports Medicine / Recreation Mgmt. So needless to say this is a different speed for me. The Director of Nursing is a friend of mine from church and has asked me a number of times about taking this position, so here I am! I am going to need lots of help from you with experience. I look forward to being on here quite often to hear your ideas and suggestions. Since I have started here I am already become quite fond of the residences and believe God has me here for a reason. Well, Happy holidays, God Bless and drink one for me... :pint:

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Hey There Jeremy

Nice to have you aboard. You will find lots of help & support from everyone here. Just remember that there is no dumb question only dumb guesses ;-)

It does not take long to get attached does it. You will have to distance your self some what, because if you don't you will not make it in this line of work. I don't mean to sound cold or cruel but have had my heart broken so many times from losing those special res. Anyway Happy Holidays. P

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Hi Jeremy! Welcome!

This site has helped me tremendously - even through times where I thought I wanted to leave the business. There is ALWAYS someone whose been there done that.


Hope we can help!

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