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Hello all


I'm in need of everyone's professional collective wisdom on this one...

Presently, my staff are utilizing a very detailed excel spreadsheet that lists all of the activity programs our residents may possibly engage in during any given day within our home each month--there are even additional slots for special impromptu events.  This includes spiritual care, group programming [large and small], 1:1, independent/self-directed, staff led, etc. We utilize single letter codes to indicate the residents’ degree of involvement and have additional spaces for further documentation on the bottom backside of each resident's participation page.  Although I really appreciate the detailed insight this form of charting gives me as I track and trend participation, update care plans, and dictate on resident involvement, it's remarkably time consuming for my staff. 

I'm wondering what other charting methods people are utilizing electronically, manually, or otherwise that has proven to be effective and efficient. 


So grateful for any feedback you can provide me with!

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Hi Dani


Many years ago I developed the system using calendars. I use to use something like you are speaking about but it was so time consuming & we would catch our self’s getting behind on the paper work etc.


What I did was take the month calendar, make a copy of it. Then using the copy move the date to the left side. On the right side make spaces for Residents Name & CP Goals. Then make a copy for each resident in the facility plus a few extra for any new residents that may come in. Place each residents name on the calendar & write the CP Goal on it. (This will help your staff know what you are & the resident are among for.


Then using a highlighted system on the calendar: Yellow - active, Green - passive. Orange -refused, Blue - Not OOB, OOP, @ Drs etc & Pink - Read Notes


If a resident attends activity & they participate then you would high light that activity in yellow, if came & watched then it would be green for passive etc..


If there is a place on front of calendar make a box that says notes otherwise use the back. This would be where you would high light something that you felt would need to be know at a later time. Example Ms Smith was at church services on Sunday. She was upset because they placed Ms. Jones beside her. She refused to calm down even after Ms Jones was moved. Ms. Smith had to be removed from the active. So you would high light the Church Service pink & the notes back up your story.


Your staff can take names during activities or use any system that is quick for them until they have a chance to chart. Be sure you allow time everyday for them to chart. You may use this as activity time. Example: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Staff Charting time.


Hope this helps you out.


Also when State came in for survey they loved this system. They could see at a glance who was doing what.

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