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activities for very low functioning patients


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I am down to 3 patients who are very low functioning and I am struggling to find activities that work for them.         My patients are only with me for a maximum of 14 days. Can anyone share same ideas with me?

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Music is for everyone. Why not play some music, get a tamborine, bongo's, make shakers with them with paper plates and macaroni, even some spoons. Let them have fun. What do you think????  

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Thank you for your input. Music and reading to them are the two things I have been doing. My Program Director wants 4 30 min. activities a day. He also wants them to be different. I do not see that happening with this group, which has now increased to 6 and none of them can color, paint etc. They are too far down the road of dementia/Alzheimer's. My mother-in-law suggested I get soft baby dolls for the women. She worked in a nursing home for a few years and said this worked really well in keeping them occupied and calm.

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