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Resident Council President

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From our Resident Council By-Laws we're working on...


i) President

(1) Serves as Chair of all Resident Council meetings.

(2) Acts as representative of the residents at public relations events, administration meetings, etc. when called upon. The President is the “face†of the Resident Council.

(3) Serves as representative of the residents of the floor they reside on, providing a monthly report on issues pertaining to the floor itself and concerns from residents on the floor. Concerns from residents on the floors may be reported by the representative (or President) anonymously if they wish. The floor representative is also responsible for encouraging the residents of their floor to attend the Resident Council meetings.

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Our Bylaws sate:

The President shall have general supervision over affairs of the Residents' Council, shall preside at all meetings of RC and Executive Committee and shall appoint all committee chairmen. Should vacancies occur, the President shall make appointments to fill unexpired terms of officers and committee chairs. The President also attends meetings and gives reports at the Board of Directors meetings.

Also, not in our bylaws, our President really does a lot of volunteer work! Usually they attend most of our events and programs, introduces special guests, and helps out by setting up, cleaning up and wherever is needed! Good luck!

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