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Financial Issues

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Does anyone have these problems?


I am required to buy all supplies out of my own pocket to get reimbursed for later. The reimbursement process usually takes about 2 weeks. I don't make that much. The amount of money I'm putting up is putting a dent in my personal finances as I am paying off student loans (like everyone else), and it usually happens that come the week before payday, I am struggling and eating ramen.


I have such limited supplies on hand to begin with, so getting supplies is a necessity. We have things donated, and I do my best to work with what I have...but my creativity is running out. My arts & crafts supplies right now are down to some markers, a pack of construction paper, and 3 bottles of glue! With the holidays coming, I can't do much with that.


Simply put, I can't afford to be an activity director anymore, and give the residents what they deserve. I'm at my wits end. I don't get much support from administration on this - they apparently seem to believe that this comes with the job. I didn't sign on for this.


Advice needed! I'm beyond frustrated.

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Hi Lauren. I've been an Activity Director for 9 years in my facility. I used to use my own money or my credit card and get reimbursed all the time until my husband's work slowed down and I couldn't afford to any more. At that time if the facility didn't have the cash the Activity didn't happen.

When I told my administrator I couldn't & wouldn't do it anymore suddenly there was enough petty cash to make things happen.

I also had my office manager set up accounts with Oriental Trading & S&S Worldwide. You can get most of your supplies through them and they will bill your cooporate office.

Good luck to you and I hope things work out for you. Cindy

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Well a few ideas... one is as Cindy said try to set up accounts so that you can pay with a purchase order and not cash. I order almost everything from S&S for that reason.


The other idea is to do some fundraising and set up a start up so that once reimbursement comes in you are reimbursing that fund, kinda like your own petty cash fund. You can do the same with your own money (put aside a set amount and then you're always just replenishing), same would work with a credit card (I would reserve one specifically for supplies & work things) and since cycles are monthly and you are reimbursed within 2 weeks it shouldn't be too much of a hardship.


Good luck!

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