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Ideas for centerpiece for "rat pack"

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Next month having a :Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis" come and sing. I want to do a special senterpiece for the tables.Was thinking ofmartini glasseswith a clear gel and a "olive" (painted wooden ball) What do you think? any other ideas?

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The martini glasses are a good idea.


You could also get some fedora hats and put on manequin heads as centerpeices, records from them and use as charger plates, or melt the records over bowls to make chips/ appetizer bowls. You can even just put flowers in the record bowls and that looks good too.


Placemats could be trivia questions


You could also do song names as a centerpeice-- and it would be free

For example:

1. Come Fly with me: Print a picture of an airplane with Frank Sinatra

2. Kick in the head: Print a picture of a boot or foot kicking someone in the head

3. Ring a ding ding: A phone

4. Witchcraft: witchy stuff-- make it cute or noone will sit at the table

5. Luck Be a lady: Lady with horseshoes, rabbits foot, four leaf clovers, etc.

6. Me and my shadow: Picture of Sammy Davis Jr and his shadow


Hope these help! Good luck and it sounds like a great party!

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