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AD August News - New Jobs - MEPAP Aug2nd - CEU Sale


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New Job Board Listings on the Activity Director Message Board



Activity Director/ CTRS FT SNF/ Rehab



Activity Director - Santa Cruz, CA



Activity Director-Full Time , Holland MI





^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ Our -- August Newsletter -- is Live!

Visit the Activity Director Forums at :: http://www.activitydirector.net/forum

click the Online Newsletter link on the top of the page.


~~~~~Online News ~~~~~~~~


Direct Link : http://www.activitydirectorsnetwork.com/phplive/c.php?k=1.17.15

-- if this link does not work when clicked, simple cut-n-paste the http address

into your browser bar and press enter. -------------------------------





***** Upcoming Classes *****


National AD Training Classs - Start Next Tuesday, Aug. 2nd


MEPAP I&II, State Approved training


Meets F249 of the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare for a Qualified Activity Director


Visit http://www.ActivityDirector.org for details




Online CEU Sale! Summer Madness ..


All Online CEU Workshops are marked down for August.



Visit http://www.ActivityDirector.org for details





St. Dominion University and Darden University of Education is proud to announce it's support of The Activity Directors Network,llc


In connection to their support, they are endorsing the MEPAP Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals and awarding 18CEUs for graduates




Welcome! Miguel Sarasa, ADC .. We at the Activity Directors Network are excited to announce the newest Instructor, Miguel Sarasa, ADC, Miguel will be joining Kathleen Hughes with our MEPAP 1&2 Courses in the Online Classroom.


... more chats.. more discussions... more expertise



Give Miguel a shout @









MEPAP Classes Start the First Tuesday of Every Month

Next Class August 2nd


Call Cheryl at 1.888.238.0444 for assistance.


-- ADNetwork Online Classroom - http://www.activitydirector.org/


How it Works:


Each course is 16 weeks long, cost is $600 per student, 90hrs of written assignment and 90hrs of Practicum.



Classroom and resources are available 24/7.



Each student will be required to complete the weekly assignments, both Written and Practicum (Fieldwork).



Each week all students participate in Live Chats with Classmates and Instructors using the Chat rooms. The Chat rooms, Online Messaging, and Classroom Forums create a learning enviroment with Activity Professionals within the Senior Healthcare industry.


A detailed curriculum is available in the Enrollment Packs listed below.


Our MEPAP classes are the closest thing to "On the Job Training" , Not only do you train onsite adapting your facility, your staff and your department heads, but you collaborate daily with Activity Professionals who strive to meet the workplace challenges ...exactly the same as you.




How to Enroll :


To reserve a place in this months course, please Download the enrollment pack below, fill-out the enrollment and policy forms and fax to the number provided. (866-405-5724) Our office will email you with instructions with Student setup and start date.

Payment is not required to enroll (fill out the PO form if needed)






Download the MEPAP 1 Enrollment Pack http://activitydirector.org/classroom/file.php/1/MEPAP/MEPAPEnrollPack.pdf


Download the MEPAP 2 Enrollment Pack http://activitydirector.org/classroom/file.php/1/MEPAP2/MEPAP2enrollmentPack.pdf







Thanks for being part of our Network.. Pennie







Activity Assistant




- Activity Forms, Newsletters and Calendars, 1500 Activities, On this Day in History, CarePlan Assistant 100's of samples






Activity Message Boards








Online Classroom





CEUs on Sale this month!






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