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Care Plans & MDS 3.0


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I'm an Activity Assistant but I am involved in all areas of the department.


We have not been through the State Inspection yet. We have changed our Assessments and now Care Plans include anything that is "Very Important" or "Can't Do" . In some cases we continue to be specific such as a reading goal. We document other activity heavily and discuss in the note.


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This is some of the info on CMS website explaining the QIS the Quality Indicator Survey process that replaces the traditional State Survey.


Guidance for Laws and Regulations for Nursing Homes


Minimum Data Set (MDS)


State Operations Manual Chapter 7 (PDF, 1.60 MB)


How QIS has changed the traditional survey.




Department of Health & Human Services. Center for Medicaid and State Operations/Survey and Certification Group

Updated Brochure Describing the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) .Differences between the Traditional Survey and the QIS. Chart .Ref:S&C-08-21.May16, 2008: 4



later Pennie


Do you think we're going to see much of a difference from an activity standpoint with the QIS? It doesn't seem to be much of a focus from what I've read.

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This is a presentation from Kathy Hughes, ADC the MEPAP Instructor for Activity Directors Network activitydirector.org


This will give you an idea of how the MDS 30 interacts with your program.. A few more regs to watch .. a learning curve


let me know what you think..




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Thank you for the CMS website information. At my facility, it seems that every director we've had wants something a little bit different on the care plans. I was always taught not to be time-specific with my words, because if the activity staff doesn't follow through with exactly what the care plan says, it can potentially cause problems with compliance. We use words like "regularly" "sometimes" and "often" instead of words like daily, monthly, and weekly. We also specify in our care plans if someone is highly active in programs or if they're a one-to-one focus due to ability or preference. We also note if residents mostly recreate independently.

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