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Postcards for memory boxes

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Hi everyone, My name is Marie Galligan. I am a activity co-ordinator at a nursing home in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I am currently putting together memory boxes for our residents who have dementia and would really appreciate if some of the members of Activity Director could send me some postcards for our boxes. My Address is Lillyburn Care Home, 100 Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie, Scotland, UK G64 1JL. Many thanks.

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I don't know if this will help you or not, but I came across a web page "Penny Post Cards" and it lists all the States in the United States. Once you click on a state, it lists all the counties in that state. You then click on a county and post cards related to that county come up and you can print them. They do have captions under them, telling you what they are but not a lot of detail. Because you are in the UK, this may not help you a great deal but some of them are beautiful and you may be able to use some of them as a reminisce tool.


For example there are old mining pictures, boat docks, city streets, country markets, the list is endless. Once you have the pictures you could use these to fit your needs. It would be worth it to at least look at. Hope it helps a little!





Another idea, which is one that I used for some of my lower functioning residents, is to print two of several post cards and do a matching game with them. Mix up a few face up on the table in front of them and have them pick the two mountain scenes, or the two water secenes etc. It is good for cognitive stimulation! Be careful not to put too many in front of them, 6 or 8 is plenty!



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