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Hello, my name is Darcy and I am the Activity Director at Northridge Assisted Living in Iowa (a small town). We have about 34 tenants right now. I have been doing this only 2 years but i am new to this forum. I have been reading some of your stuff and have got a lot of ideas.....so thank you!!! Hope i can return the favor, someday :huh:. I am the only one in activities so i depend on a lot of volunteers. Talk to you soon. Darcy

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Welcome Darcy. I've been activity director at this facility for 7 years now...was activity aide for 4 years. I've watched this facility grow from a 60 bed to a 120 bed...it's been a wild ride, for sure. I was reading one of your other posts about only having 30-something residents. If you ever work in a larger facility you will miss the smaller one SO much! Spend as much quiality time as you can with them! (I'm jealous!) Good luck-- Lisa

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Hello, My name is sharon. I live in Roanoke Virginia. I currently work for the VA veterans care center and I am working on my state certification for activity director. I am learning a lot from the classes. But I am looking for a way to network with other directors. I hope I will be an assest to the group as well. thanks sharon :rolleyes:

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