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Activityprofessional Conference

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When: Jan. 17 - 19, 2205

Where: Hilton - Waco, Texas

Reservations: 1-800-234-5244


THCA ActivityProfessionals Award Nomination Forms are included in the November Edition of Notes. Check with your Administrator.

or go to: THCA Site and download a set or call 512-458-1257 and we wil mail, fax or email you a set.


Deadline for nomations responses to THCA is December 3, 2004


More info on site or call

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Hi Pennie - I went to my first conference last year in Waco - I am sure I met you there! You were the one giving the class on how to use the web for help ADing, right? Great class!

What new stuff do we have going on this January? I am looking forward to the trip! It's only three hours from San Antonio, I am hoping that my husband and baby girl can make it - or else it will be a long three days!

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Hi Diana,

I was a total wreck teaching those classes. There was so many people :-o I hope you learned something from it. I could have never done it without Chip's help! In fact I was talked into doing it by Pam Sanders & him. They are hard people to say NO to :oops:

I am not sure what is going on there this year, I haven't spoken to Pam or anyone else about it in details. I would love to go this year and plan on it if all goes well. It always fun to see all the people you know & meeting new AD's. I hope to see you there.

Maybe your husband & daughter can go. Chip found an auction, some neat stores while I was in the classes. He was having a great time on his on ;-)

Plus we enjoyed going out in the evening to different places to eat. Of course the seminar ended early enough that I was able to hit a store or two myself, after all he did right :-D


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