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Winter Olympics

Guest cindymaybe

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Guest cindymaybe

I'm looking for TRUE WINTER olympic games, like snowball throws and things like that. Anyone got any ideas? No summer olympic games please. :)

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We hold Winter Olympics each year when it applies. I have six events and hold three on two different days because they take time to get each resident through each event. I keep score for each event and award a medal for the top three (Gold, silver, Bronze) along with a certificate that I print off the computer.


I start the first events with an Opening Ceremony with a lighting of the "Torch" a small candle that we extinguish right away because of fire codes. Each year I try to come up with different events but usually end up with some of the same events. Because our population is ever changing this is not a problem.


On the second day of the events (usually a week later) I have the final events and closing ceremony. I relight the candle and have one of the residents extinguish it. After the events I pass out all the medals and certificates and we have cake and ice cream. The following are the events we had the last time.


**Keep in mind that these are done inside so imagination is the key, reminding the residents that the floor is made of ice etc.**


Opening Ceremony:

1) Ice Bowling - Set up bowling pins (doesn't have to be ten pins, use # of pins you want. Residents get two chances to knock down as many pins as they can. If there is a tie, you have a tie breaker until you have Gold, Silver, Bronze winners.


2)Snowman Ringer - Set up bowling pins with middle pin decorated with snowman cut-out. I have large rings I found in the toy department from a childs ring toss game. Residents get 5 tosses each, 2 points for each pin they ring, 1 point for a leaner and 5 points for ringing the snowman, same as a bove for tie-breakers.


3)Artic Archery - We have a large window in our dining room (Activity Room) where I used a wet erase marker to draw a snowman on the window. I have a childs gun that shoots suction cup arrows. Residents get 1 point for bottom ball of snowman, 2 points for middle ball, 3 points for top ball, and 5 points for hitting the nose of snowman, tie breaker as above.


Finish the activity with light snack and remind everyone to return for the closing ceremony and final events.


Closing Ceremony and Final events:

1)Ice Hockey - I have a shortened hockey stick, lines marked on the floor and a bucket decorated like an igloo. Residents get three shots, 1 point for next to opening of bucket and 3 points for getting it in the bucket, tie breaker as above.


2)Snowball Toss - I have a hat similar to one that would be used on a snowman and a bag of marshmallows. Residents are given an alotted amount of time to throw the marshmallows into the hat, 1 point for each marshmallow that goes int to the hat, tie beaker as above.


3)Curling - This is similar to Bocce. I use an old round table cloth that I painted circles on. Residents are given three Bocce Balls, depending on how many circles you have on the table cloth, give points for each circle, and more points for landing in the target in the middle, tie breaker as above.


After you have your list of all the winners, award the medals and certificates. I always take pictures and when done serve ice cream and cake.


Also I found on the internet the Athletes Oath and the Judges Oath. We repeat these at the Opening Ceremony befor starting the games. The residents really enjoy this as it makes it all feel more official.


Athletes Oath: In the name of all the competitors; I promise that we shall take part in these olympic games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of the sport and the honor of our teams!


Judges Oath: In the name of all the judges; I promise that we shall officiate in these olympic games with complete impartiality, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them in the true spirit of sportsmanship!


I hope some of this will help you and or others who are looking for ideas!


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What about the "Slalom" run. (Obstacle course) Use sheets to drape and say it is the snow. If they are able maybe put the "noodles" from the pool to be the skis sticking out in front to make it more of a challenge.


Could even do it as a Bobsled. Where the person in the wheel chair is the front person in the sled and the pusher is the person than normally runs to get the sled going. Still doing the Obstacle course type of a thing.


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I am going to be having some Olympic games the end of this month. As I always do I look over old posts here for ideas. ANYWAY Cindymaybe I saw on old one from you June 2004 where you commented the the below. I sure would like to have a copy of that information if you still have it.






I just helped a couple of other ADs from our site here with their olympics and I would be glad to help you as well. I can fax you our info. We have many games for all cognitive and physical capabilities. We have a point system and an award ceremony. If you would like the info let me know.

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