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Very Important Question

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My name is Kay and I am having a hard time understanding how to become a "certified" activities director.....I have taked TX Basic on-line and now am taking MEPAP II......after completing this course will I be able to take a test at a testing location to become certified???? Please help!!

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Hi Kay.. I emailed the President of CTRAC and this is his reply. concerning substituting MEPAP Class for the CTRATX Certification. Email Randy if you have other concerns.


The CTRAC Certification info is at CTRACTX.org, Once you have the Certificates for both classes, visit CTRATX.org and download an application, fill out the application and send it in.. Next will be to schedule your test. I suggest taking it at the Camp For All get-away weekend they hold a couple of times a year.. its a blast.. besides taking your test, you can join in on the Classes and Workshops they plan for the camp.

This is a link to the Fact Sheet for CTRAC Certification CLICK HERE



Also if you want to substitute the Texas Basic for NCCAP Certification Class, you can email the NCCAP President Cindy Bradshaw at nccapexec111(at)aol.com, please post your response here for everyone to read.






> From: chip(at)activitydirector.com

> To: watersrandy(at)hotmail.com

> Subject: Question.


> Hi. Randy .. this is chip with the activity directors network. I have a

> question concerning CTRAC Certification . We have several ADs with the NCCAP

> MEPAP 1 & 2 training certificates and we need to verify that CTRAC will

> accept these as substitute training when applying for Ctrac

> Certification. If not please let me know as soon as possible.


> thanks, chip

> 1.888.238.0444





Yes, they will be accepted.



Edited by chip

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