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We have several college students volunteering at our facility, and we are running out of things for them to do. I think they get tiered of doing the same things over and over, and we don't want to loose them.


Got any ideas?

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Hi, Christee! :-D


You are in an envious position with volunteers. Most of us would kill to have college students in abundance. Many years ago I was the Activity Director at an Adult Day Care Center near a state college. I had regular college student volunteers as well as activity therapy students who needed to complete their practicum. Let me pass on to you some ideas for putting them to work for you...


As far as I know, in most states the students are capable of doing 1-to-1's, passing the mail and decorating the facility. I'm guessing that you already have them doing some of these things. If you have a facility newsletter you can let them do the typing for you; fold, stamp and address them; prepare them for mailing. (If you don't have a facility newsletter please visit my husband's site, Newsletter-Express.com at http://www.newsletter-express.com .)


If your students are friends of one another, assign them, as a group, a day each month for them to plan all of the activities (let them be creative) with your approval and guidance. Maybe they can select one of this site's "Wacky Days" and work from there.


If you are close to campus, and they can drive, if you have a facility vehicle availabe, you might let them take any younger residents (only 2 or 3) to a local coffee shop or to the campus game rooms.


Perhaps they can bring in computers and show the residents how they work...or some great games...or whatever.


One of our most popular activities was when one of the students got his fraternity to dress up in tuxes and brought them in to dance with our ladies.


Hope this helps you keep your college kids active.


Best Wishes


Linda Lucas, AD ;-)


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I have been training the College students to do my MDS.

They learn important skills and it helps me out. I just review them and i can count it as 1:1 with my residents, an added bonus.


Jane :-P

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I have 2 group high school students come in once a week. This is a class for them & they are graded on it. They do the monthly decorating for the facility, 1:1's, do a group act. something like Bingo, ass't res. to & from act. etc.

They also help the nurse aides fill the res. water pitches.

You could also speak w/ the students and see what they suggest. Maybe they could do a group act. that they play & carry out. Of course his only works if they come on a certain day & time.

You can also use for filing paperwork. If you can't keep them busy speak w/ other dept heads I am sure that they could use the extra hands too.

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have them work on a story about the resident life that way the students can build a stronger bound and they may cont to volunteer.

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