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need creative ideas or a web site to help me come up with new ideas to decorate the reality orientation board or activity boards around the center?



I used to have the residents help to make the boarders (monthly or sesonal) for the activity boards. I made a template of a wavey pattern that we used to cut out poster board. then we decorated them using any material for the month or seaon. It was never boring to look at the boards when the residents were a part of their making.

EG: Apple prints for September, Shell and sea creatures for the Summer...

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We have reality orientation boards, bulletin boards and activity boards. The reality orientation boards are manufactured so they come with "stuff" to put on them i.e. day, date, season, next holiday etc. Our main bulletin board is in our main entrance hallway. I decorate it related to each months holiday example: Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day etc. August is the tough month because there is no holiday so I decorate it with a picnic theme. Our activity boards are dry erase boards and each day I write the daily activities on them including the times. Next to the main activity boards, I have a smaller dry erase board. I use this board to write "Happy Birthday" to residents who are having a birthday that day. If no one is having a birhtday on any given day, I use the smaller board to write interesting facts, quotes, totally useless and but interesting facts, trivia, whacky holidays, etc. all of which I have found on the internet. The residents really enjoy reading these each day! Example: The average McDonald's Big Mac Bun has 198 sesame seeds on it! OR Today is "National *BLACK COW* (Root Beer Float) Day"! You can have a lot of fun with this smaller board!


Ella ;)

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