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Activity Adaptations Part 2


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As I have mentioned, adaptations for activities are an imperative part of the activity plan and the Care Plan itself. I want you all to think about this.....


When you conduct an activity, say church service...How do you know that the resident is actually participating if they have a vision/hearing/language/cognitive issue?


The easiest answer is your adaptations.


A surveyor came to me a month or so ago and asked how I communicate with my Haitian residents. I told her that I learned the language and speak with an interpreter in addition.


BTW- for those who were not informed like me, even though Haitian is a French dialect, it is technically not French, it is a form of creole.


However, the internet being such an awesome tool, had many web sites with simple phrases and terms that I could use when our Haitian staff was not around.


I use this example to point out the fact that surveyors are looking...gone are the days of Bibles, Birthdays and Bingo.


It is now time to get creative with our residents. If we don't those tags will come a rollin in !



Until next time....



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