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2 New Online CEU Workshops - ActivityDirector.org

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Activity Directors!!


We have just added 2 NEW ONLINE CEU WORKSHOPS!


*Activities for Limited English Speaking Residents- 8 CEUs $59.95

Activity Directors must be more creative when dealing with residents who have difficulty with the English language. It is common for people who have lived in America for many years and speak English fluently to lose the language as they show signs of dementia. Also, there is a growing population of individuals who have never learned the language or have moved to America recently and find themselves surrounded by strangers with whom they cannot communicate with. It is the Activity Director's job to seek out and discover activities to enrich the lives of those they serve; no matter the language barrier. This course will teach you to find your inner-creativity and offer activities that do not require English to be successful. Every resident, English speaking or not, will benefit from this course material.


Workshop Objectives:

- Understand barriers that residents and staff face when there is a communication problem.

- Be able to analyze which sources the Activity director has and which are needed.

- Find Activities and programs that benefit and enrich the lives of residents.

- Learn what steps to take in order to utilize the community resources.

- Have a clear understanding of the Activity Director's role when dealing with non-English speaking residents.




*Motivate Yourself- 4 CEUs $24.95

Self-motivation is the force that keeps pushing us to go on - it's our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. This workshop with help you work on how to become better motivated.


Workshop Objectives:

- Understand the importance of self motivation.

- Understand different techniques of motivation.

- Understanding ways to avoid burn out in your job.


Certificates of Completion available within 1 HOUR of completion! No driving, no inconveinence, no wait time, no problem!


Visit www.activitydirector.org and check it out: Visit our Online Classroom at ActivityDirector.org for more info.. see you there!




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