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Butterfly Pavilion


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Every year about this time, we order 2 packs of butterflies. They arrive in about 2 days and are about 1/4" long and the thickness of a no2 pencil lead (maybe less). Each day they grow significantly larger. In a couple weeks, they form cocoons, and a couple weeks later, voila, butterflies. They require no care as they come in a container that contains everything they need. When they form the cocoons, you just hang them in the pavilion. You may keep the butterflies or release them. They will only last a couple weeks as butterflies though. We always have a releasing ceremony during our garden group. The residents all line up at the windows and watch them flutter away. If you are going to release them, make sure your don't order them too early in the season that you have to send them out into the cold.

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What a great idea! I went online and ordered the butterfly kit today.

You really got me going and I had to order an incubator too.

We're going to grow butterflies, and hatch baby chicks too!

Thanks for the idea.


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