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Activities for Young Individuals

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I work in a facility with middle aged men and women, most are in the facility for rehab but their stay has lasted longer then they expected. Many come to Coffee Socials and Entertainment but that is all. They like doing word searches and other puzzles but will not play board games. I need some creative ideas for younger men and women that do not want to play BINGO :) .

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If you have access to computers, then teach them facebook, twitter, ebay, digital photos, etc. Play games on the computer using yahoo games or pogo-- where you play someone else live. Book clubs, scrapbooking, gardening. Field trips to museums, antique stores, malls, etc.

Do a photography class

Have experts come in to your facility to teach classes for free-- and let them plug their own company. We had a local florist come in to teach flower arranging. She also donated all the flowers.

If you have access, teach ceramics. Painting, pet therapy, cooking classes (cooking for one, cooking for diabetes, cooking for memory, cooking for heart health, cooking for antioxidants, cook dog biscuits for local shelter and then take them there for a field trip-- you can even get the residents to volunteer there for an hour or so-- brushing out cat or dogs, giving baths, changing litter or bedding, feeding etc..... list goes on forever!)

Instead of board games, play pictionary using a white erase board or overhead projector-- give gifts for correct answers. Play pokeno or poker-- use real money. Set up bridge tournaments or poker tournaments.

Poetry slams, karaoke, aromatherapy,

make bath salts, lotions, candles and put together gift baskets for them to give away to families or friends (or keep themselves!)

Start up a jewelry class-- repair broken jewelry, make new things out of old, sell what they make, jewelry cleaning, etc.

Hope some of these ideas help you!

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