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1:1 ideas

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I need some new 1:1 ideas for the blind,hard of hearing and total bedfast,and mute.



Conversation boards are a great idea for the hard of hearing, deaf, and mute. You can have the resident help you to create small pictures to represent certain emotions, actions, and anything else you might find you would like to talk about. Then with these pictures, you can have a conversation using the images to represent what you and the resident would like to say.


As for the blind and total bedfast, soothing sounds and scents are classic. For something new you might want to try Finish The Phrase or Name That Tune. Seems to be well-liked by the residents in my facility.


Hope this helps a bit.



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I think a great one-on-one activity with these residents would be something tactile. Take in some moon-sand that can be molded and remolded. I have found that sand is very therapeutic. For those who are physically unable to do it themselves, you can provide hand-over-hand assistance. This would turn it into a therapeutic activity for you as well as the resident! :)

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