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New Activities needed!

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Hi all. I was hoping to come up with some new ideas for group activities. I've been at this for 10 years now and feel completely out of new ideas. Help! My residents are very stubborn when it comes to changes...of course I won't get rid of BINGO!


Hi --


I am new here and your post is old, but if you are still looking I do have a new Activity that I am currently testing here in Minnesota. I will send you one to try out for free if you will send feed back, and of course a mailing address to mail it to. Movie Memories - full info at www.fesfilms.com/mm.html.


-- Ron

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Hi LisaRee, I use question and answer books for seniors by memorystreets....the residents really respond well to them, even those who are difficult to please....you can use them alone or you can write the questions with answers on the back of some old greeting cards ( just remove the part of the card that is written on) and place them out on the floor, ask them to throw a small beanbag onto one of the cards and they have to answer the question that is written on the back of the card. If you'd like, leave your e mail address and I will send you some sample pages to try with your residents for free. My e mail address is kimandjim9@comcast.net

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