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Activity Idea for Small Groups & Room Visits (printable)

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WHAT DO THESE ITEMS HAVE IN COMMON? (Small Groups or Room Visits)

Supplies Needed: White board with marker


Write down one of the following groups of words (minus the bold print answer) on the white board and let the resident tell you what the items listed have in common.



Maxwell House, MJB, Hills Brothers, Folgers – COFFEES


United, American, Delta, Northwest – AIRLINES


Jack Daniels, Coors, Vodka, Brandy – LIQUOR


Tide, Cheer, Era, Wisk, Surf – LAUNDRY SOAP


Coke, Pepsi, A & W, 7-UP, RC – SODAS


Pencils, Books, an Apple, Chalk, Desk – ITEMS IN A CLASSROOM


Hilton, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Sheraton – HOTELS/MOTELS


Avon, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Cover Girl, L'Oreal – MAKEUP


Crest, Aim, Colgate, Pepsodent, Aqua Fresh – TOOTHPASTE


Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Special K – CEREALS


Chevy, Doge, Cadillac, Ford, Toyota, Kia – TYPES OF CARS


Wendy's, White Castle, Sonic, Jack in the Box – FAST FOOD PLACES


Ace, Queen, King, Spade, Hearts – CARDS


Print this list off and put on your Stocked Activity Cart. It will be available when you need it.


Do you have any ideas? Please post them too. This helps us all... and also makes us think of other things... brainstorming sessions work great for all of us creative AD's.

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Here is another Idea for Small Groups or Room Visits. Please post your ideas too. I like to print out the ideas and keep them in sheet protectors that are held in a 3 ring binder. This way I have everything that I need at my fingertips. It saves me so much time. I use my activity cart and have it stocked with many supplies. I also want for my cart to attract attention and look good. This kind of advertises my programming for me. I use my cart for all small groups and for all room visits. I have found that I can tailor almost any small group activity into a room visit activity.






Supplies needed: Antique Item/s


Have one or more antiques to talk about during this activity. You will find that even with only one antique, you will easily carry on a good conversation. One question leads to another and another. You can always bring another antique for back up if the conversation gets slow. Also, if you do not know much about how something was used, it is wise to look it up online to get plenty of information in case you are the only person that wants to talk on that particular day. Antique examples:


Have an old washboard. Talk about how it was used. Did they was everyday or just once a week? Did it get the clothes clean? What type of soap did they use?


Bring an old coffee grinder. Talk about the uses. Where did people buy their coffee? What about during the depression? Was it ever hard to get coffee? Why? Do they remember the first time that they tried coffee as a child? What was that like?


Show old aprons. Display the different patterns. When did women use aprons? Was there a difference in the type of aprons that they wore? Did it really help to protect their clothes? Did they make their own aprons or buy them?


Butter molds. Did their mother make butter from fresh cream? Do they miss homemade butter? Did they have their own cow or purchase the cream to make butter?


Old black telephone. Feel how heavy the phone is compared to newer models. Do they remember the party lines? Do they remember their first telephone number?



This activity will stir some memories. You never know where you will end up with these reminiscing conversations. Listen to the resident. You will find many more questions to ask by using your resident as your guide.

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