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Using Fruit & Vegetable Felts for Small Groups & Room Visits

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Fruits & Vegetable Felt Sets are something that I have been using for years. They come printed on a thick piece of felt and you cut them out with scissors. I store mine in a large plastic zip-lock bag and they look great even after almost daily use for over 3 years!


They are true to life fruit & vegetable size felts. Bright, brilliant colors. These are a great addition to your dementia group programs. A savings idea is to make your own felt board. Use felt or flannel to cover thick cardboard. Glue down the felt or flannel onto cardboard using hot glue gun. I made mine small enough to hold in one hand while the other hand is placing the felts onto the board. I also wanted it to fit onto my stocked activity cart.


I use the felts in my small groups and in my room visits. They are used to promote discussions. Here are some examples:

Ask what is put into a fruit salad. Ask what is put into vegetable soup.Ask what we should plant in our garden.Ask what we should cook for dinner. When resident gives and answer, place the fruit or vegetable felt onto the felt board. This has been a huge success in my facility! They run $8 per set. www.activitydirectorproducts.com


Let me know if you think of any other uses.

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