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What will the differences be in this job compared to LTC?

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Hello to all my fellow activity directors. I will be starting a new position in an Adult Day Care setting. It is small and will never have more than 16 clients at a time. My experience has always been in the long-term care (nursing home) setting.


How will I spend my day/time at the Adult Day Care center compared to the Nursing Home?


I am a bit concerned that I will be bored with so few clients. Is there a lot of paperwork? Care Plans?


Is there a place that I can find out what is expected from the state? Will there be an intense "survey" process like in ltc?


Thanks for all the support and information. This is a fun new adventure. I just want to be prepared. By the way... I live in Missouri.

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I can address one of your questions. I found that there is a difference between LTC and ADC. In LTC, not all residents benefit from all activities. You provide programs to target specific individuals and your groups are generally fairly homogeneous. In ADC, if you are the only recreation worker, you must provide programs that the entire population can take part in. That can be very challenging if there is a wide range of abilities. I find that I am never bored. When I am not doing group programs, I try to fit in 1:1 with clients whose goals cannot entirely be met in groups.

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