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Cheap Christmas ideas needed

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I am in need of cheap presents the residents can make for their relatives. Residents are independent but some are legally blind. Any ideas?

Even craft ideas would help.

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One year we made gift tags out of all the old greeting card fronts that were donated. We used pinking shears and the specialty scissors that have the different edges on them to cut out the pictures from the greeting cards. They don't even have to be Christmas cards. They can be animals, flowers etc. Whatever you have. Once the picture is cut out, use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top and string a small piece of ribbon through so the gift tag can be taped to the gift. One of your residents can write To: and From: on the back if you would like to add that.


Once you have enough, bundle them in groups of 10 to 15 tags depending on how many you would like to give. I put ours in a small baggie and sealed it with an address label I made on the computer that said

"Made with Love from The Residents of (Facility Name)"


Hope this helps!


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We are making Christmas ornaments.


Buy the clear glass Christmas bulbs at Hobby Lobby or other craft store. Let them choose the paint they want to put in the bulb. I small squirt of their color choices in the bulb and roll around to mix the colors. You will want to leave the lid of until paint dries. This will take a couple days. We then take a glitter pen and write the year and "from: residents name". Family members love this because it is something they can be reminded of every year.

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we always make fresh wreaths to hang on our doors.

I go to Home Depot where they are cutting the trees and they let me get as much of the trimmings as I want for free. I buy some florist wire and we use some donated xmas ornaments and ribbon ( I have enough to last me the next 10 years!). We take wire coat hangers and shape them into a circle and begin wrapping the trimmings around the hanger and securing them with wire. At the end, we hot glue the ornaments and ribbon. The room and hallways always smell great and they last for a few weeks.

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Christmas baubles eg. http://www.allfreecrafts.com/christmas/card-ornaments.shtml from recycled christmas cards or cardstock. You can glitter or gold spray them etc


DECO home clay to make brooches and badges or earrings ( Hobby Lobby sell the fastenings pretty cheaply ) It dries hard in 24 hours or you can bake it.


Paper mache wall masks or ornaments. For a face use a plastic jug as the mold with the handle as the nose.


Lavender bags: circle of fabric filled with lavender tied with ribbon.


Mitten felt bookmark http://crafts.kaboose.com/mitten-bookmark-clip.html


Personalised calendars.


A motivational jar with a folded paper for every day with a quote or words of encouragement. Or a joke-jar with funny messages or quips.


Coloured scented bath salts http://www.mormonchic.com/crafty/bathsalts.asp


Collect and press flowers & ferns ( I use a heavy book ) use for cards and pictures.


Hobby Lobby has paper mache/cardboard eggs and treasure boxes to decorate.


Funny gifts, advertising flyer for a Santa's elf; wrap a discloth and tea towel with a poem like this


This Christmas our ship has finally come in

We’re feeling so wealthy and rich.

Instead of some small remembrance

This year will be quite a switch.


We’re giving a gift of high quality

No more cheap presents for us.

It’s time we really went all out

But don’t worry, it’s really no fuss.


We considered giving you a sports car

Or maybe a tropical cruise ---

But we decided to be more practical

And give something each day you could use.


So, open the box and you may be surprised,

To find not only one gift, but TWO ---

We hope you will soon put your present to work

It’s a WASHER & DRYER, too!


Have fun!

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Christmas is a great time of year to let your loved ones know just how much you care!! One idea i would like to share is called wreath of love. You first take a photo of the resident and print it.(you can use regular paper) Then trace there hand one time, cut it out and use as a pattern. You will probly need anout 10, use green construction paper. Glue them together in a circle to form a wreath. Then glue there picture to either the top or bottom. You can decorate with glitter or whatever you would like. This craft is good for family to come get involved and help there relitive.

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