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Arkansas regs on activities

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Arkansas regulations indicate a minimal number and type of activities and type per day.

585.1 There shall be adequate staff to provide activity/recreational programs daily, including Saturdays and Sundays. There should be at least two (2) group activities scheduled daily.


585.2 Activities shall be varied in nature and shall be designed to meet the needs, interests, limitations of residents. This is to include all residents: bedfast, ambulatory, and disabled. These activities should provide for the mental, physical, social, and spiritual stimulation of the residents.


585.3 Residents and patients will be informed of events and given opportunities to participate. A calendar of events shall be posted in obvious places throughout the facility. The calendar should reflect the actual activity program.


585.4 The utilization of community volunteers is encouraged, but they must work under the direction of the facility’s activity director.


585.5 The activity director shall be aware of the limitations, strengths, and weaknesses of residents.


585.6 Plans for activity involvement both on individual and group basis shall be developed for all residents.


585.7 Activity supplies as a minimum:


A. Television


B. Dominoes


C. Checkers


D. Outside furniture (50% of ambulatory patients)


E. Two daily newspapers (one local and one having state-wide circulation) for each thirty-five (35) patients and current copies of four (4) popular magazines.

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