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Christmas Ideas For A Snf

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Hi Princess,

Have you contacted any local schools or daycare centers to see what they are doing for Christmas? Alot of them will come to your facility to sing around christmas time.

Also, for arts and crafts: Make a ginger bread house,candy cane wreaths,small stockings,christmas cards and christmas card holders.

Take your residents out to look at christmas lights in your van/bus.

Go to the Target Store Senior Christmas Shopping Day(call in November to find out dates and times).

Have a Holiday Boutique/Crafts Faire,have residents make small craft items to sell,or have a holiday bake sale and use the money to buy something for your act.dept.

Practice singing Christmas Carols with your residents and take them out to Christmas Carol throughout your community.

Make small baskets filled with toys with your residents to pass out to the childrens wards in a local hospital.

Have residents hold a canned food drive for the homeless shelters in your community. ;-)

I hope some of these will help.

Have fun! Gina :-)

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Gina you are an exceptional lady!! what great ideas, I need someone like you working with me! what a storm we would be.

I work in Mental Health and although still elderly am unable to do a lot of the great sugested ideas, due to absconding and sucidal tendancies.

By the way when is the chat room really open? I am from Australia and need a time stated to get it together. :-D

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Hi, Princess! :-)


May I recommend that you download a free mega-search program? Copernic Agent Basic searchs the net with some 17 powerful search engines. It picks the top 50 sites or so and provides you with a description and a link. It is really wonderful and will help you find internet resources in a matter of minutes. To get it go to: http://www.copernic.com/en/products/agent/download.html . Just download and install. I use it all of the time and just love it. If you search for Christmas you will come up with all sorts of ideas for arts & crafts, cooking, info etc.


Best wishes,


Linda Lucas, AD ;-)


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Our local newspaper prints letters to Santa. Every Year we have an activity where we ask the residents what they would ask Santa for as a child and then read the letters to Santa from the paper. We do not read all the letters and we usually have a good time with it.

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[b]I am new to this position, and i am looking for some ideas that will shock everyone instead of doing the same old thing every year. I want this christmas to be something great for all of them to never forget.[/b]

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