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Rock a thon


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No, but I am really interested in it! What about bathroom breaks? lol



Figure we would give them breaks! :-) VERY short ones or maybe just put a port a potty next to or under them!

Was thinking maybe some high school band might come and play for them for at least awhile. Do a discussion group type of thing. We have a book club maybe try to get them all to do it at the same time and have their meeting during that.

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Was thinking of doing anout a 6 hour rocking chair marathon to raise money. Any thoughts on this?



I am an activity director in an ALF - we had a 24 hour rock-a-thon to benefiet the local Alzheimers org. The staff and residents were involved.

started at 8am on a Thurs and ended 8am on Friday



would love to tell you all about it if you need more info.

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Would LOVE to hear all you did! How much per time what activities/entertainment did you have going. Anything you can share! I am still new to this position so need all the help you can give!


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We do this in our facility every September. We enlist some of the residents to sit in the lobby area and rock. Usually 15 minute to 30 minute increments. They can watch television, others (staff, volunteers, residents and visitors) go by and talk with them. They can have a snack. This is good for them for interaction. If you place the rocker in a busy area of the facility and "switch off" and don't have them do it for the whole six hours it can be fun and rewarding

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