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An easy way to think of the I careplan (1 of 2)


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So I have had several questions regarding the I careplan and the "ramifications" of writing one for the residents in my facility.


This week, someone asked " If the careplan says the word "I" the surveyors might ask them what is written in thier careplan, what happens if they don't know?!?"



This was actually a good question, after a while I saw the point....since the "I" care plan is basically a statement, shouldn't the resident be able to repeat it when asked?


Well...here is my answer kind viewers......


The "I" careplan has the same basic construction as the more traditional version. However, it is written to expose and identify strengths, rather than issues. The careplan is not so much as a statement from the resident (yes it could be) but a narrative of what the resident can/will/normally will do in regard to activities.


It is not testimony in a court of law, it is a new way to describe and illustrate our residents in a "culture positive" way.


Now, with that said...you may get a surveyor who takes everything to the next level and tries to grill you on it, if so....tell em bigchris said to call him!



Questions are encouraged as always.....

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