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We also decorate with bright colors, laminated Mexican theme cut-outs printed from the computer and serve chips, cheese and salsa and punch. I also have a "Break the Pinata" contest. I tie the Pinata to an old broom handle that I decorate with streamers. I have staff hold the broom hanlde so that it can be raised and lowered to meet the needs of each resident. The trick to the Pinata is to "Slightly" crush the edges before you get started to make it easier for the residents to break it open. If you don't you will be forever waiting for someone to break it! They are pretty tough! I fill ours with mini chocolate bars and sugar free candies, and split the goodies up with everyone once the Pinata has been opened. Don't forget the Latin music!

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We play loteria (Mexican bingo) and have done simple paper cutting (papel picado) with red, green, and white paper. Music, costume, and food are musts.




How do you play Mexican Bingo?

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Mexican bingo uses pictures instead of numbers. You can buy proper decks of loteria cards, or print some from online sources. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/lotto/ has some simple ones at no cost, and you can purchase from http://www.lotmex.com/. I think I printed mine from Activityconnection.com.


For information on the traditional game, see http://www.festivalofmexico.com/loterias.html.

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