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Nursing Home Week 09

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National Nursing Home Week has crept up on me! I've been at this for a long time

and almost feel like I've ran out of ideas to make the week truly exciting for my

residents (and staff) and their families.


I really need some new ideas! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi, I have in the past had treasure hunts, raffling prizes and putting the money towards bingo or other projects for the residents. I have alson done theme days like carnival, Hawiian, Western & the swinging 20's & 30's. We have a popcorn machine that the local church lets us use and snow cone machine, we grill out and get some of the local business' to donate prizes like dvd players, tv, radios and gift certificate's to raffle off for like $1.00 a ticket. I hope this is helpfull. :)

Mance Zglinicki

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