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Question for the "viewers"


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We all have Care Plans that we put off until the end of the day, those that will literally keep us up at night. I wanted to hear from you. What care plans keep you up at night. I will give you my top 5:



Number 5


Frequent Fallers- those resident who cannot be left alone for 5 seconds or they are on the floor



Number 4

Very picky eaters! (yes I know, why not dietary??) The reason this is not in dietary is that I love to cook, so I have a food related activity at least every week, usually more. I actually have a resident that will not go on a trip to an eatery if they do not have printed menus, and /or serve southern food!!!!! Hellooooo, we are in Georgia!!!! (just a little vent there : ) )))


Number 3


My independent resident with memory issues......


Real story- I had a resident, highly independent, with STM deficit. She reported a "stolen" item from her room that we used in activities that was D/C 'd 8 months earlier! Thank GOD I care planned it, no Tag!



Number 2-


My fakers.....


You ever had a resident that could hold a conversation with most everyone, but was a HUGE wander risk???? Yeah.....



And Number 1


Anyone who acts like my gramma!!!!!


Let me explain. Both of my gramma's have been in my nursing home and they both passed there. And they both had thier own "quirks". I have to reel myself in on a daily basis with residents who share those quirks or I revert to care giver mode ( I had both in my house as well).


My predisposition to my gramma couldl cause a bias with those residents.



Those are my top 5, What about you???




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