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Sample "I" Care Plan for a High Function Resident


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So in my last post I said that I was going to write a sample Careplan for the board.



Penkay gave me a scenario- High Function resident with very few issues.



So here we go,



Remember the 3 parts- Problem, Goal and Approach. I will still call it a problem with the "I" format


P-I am a highly independent resident with several unstructured activity pursuits and activities. (It wouldn't hurt to list a few)



Goal-I will remain active and participate in "structured" activities for the next (quarter/90days/observation period-all work)


Approach- (Here is where we can get creative-using volunteers/family/friends and even the resident)


1) (If the resident is alert and oriented) I will let the AD know when I am not feeling well so he can take me to Name that Tune each day, I enjoy that.


2) My favorite event each week is the Sing a long, please remind me before it occurs. (You can even put a specific time)


3) I look forward to seeing Bob and Neal from the VFW. Please remind them that I want them to stop by.



So there you go, not your average careplan; huh?????







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