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the Basic Parts of A CarePlan


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OK, so we recapped the old style of a care plan, we had an intro to the I Care Plan. Let's look at the basics of a care plan.


Remember, a care plan needs to focus on a resident and thier strenghts. Not what obstacles that they pose to you or other staff member. Some of you have been doing it this way for years, but now; the shift will be in strengths not weaknesses.


With that being said, there is talk that the wording of Careplans is going to shift. But for now, I will give you the 3 elements and some options to make your careplan sound strength based.


The purpose of a careplan is to identify strengths of the resident and make it easier for the entire team to care for the resident. As we all know, there is a Problem/ Goal and Approach. There have been many different ways to word these, I will give you the ones that I use.


Problem (Issue/ Action Item)

Goal (Intervention/ Goal is still good)

Approach (Method)



The Problem- Needs to be concise and to the point. Try to avoid any wording that confuses.


E.G- (I Format) I have a decrease in my favorite activities (List them) due to a recent __________


I say be specific. I just had survey and I was not in some of mine. When the surveyor sat down with me to ask about the favorite activities, I was able to elaborate. I learned that my mistake was assuming that only the team would see the actual care plan.



Goal (I)- the most important thing about the goal is a realistic and measurable format. We want something that is definitive in the numbers and that we can show an increase/decline in our efforts and reevaluate later.

Also, this is where I use my journalism background to add more to the goal. Remember we are going to speak for the resident with the "I" careplan.


I enjoy going to _____every ______ and I will make an effort to attend when I feel better. I will ask for help and transport to this activity.



See how I was a little "wordy" here. I do this because I had a careplan this week. In the meeting the resident said that he was not taken to activities. He is able to take himself and is too proud to ask for any assistance, so he would rather sit around than ask me for a push. With this CP, I made a deal with him and his DTR. And we came to a happy medium. I then have backup, just incase the state ombudsman comes and talks to him and he states he is not taken to activities.



The approach-


this is what your team is doing to make the goal(s) successful. I suggest having several approaches, because you will problably need to change your method depending on how the resident feels. PLEASE NOTE: THE APPROACHES MUST BE DONE!!!! Is okay if you have 5 and rotate through as you need. But you should not have 5 approaches and do none!!!!!



OK, so there it is.


We will next look at some sample "I" careplans. I have not heard from you, so get busy!!! You help my brain work. Give me some of your issues and we will work them out.



Until next time,




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