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Alzheimers/dementia Activities?


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:-) Hi, All!


We recently had our State survey and the surveyors mentioned concentrating in the Alzheimers/Dementia care area next year :-o . Also, some of our staff attended a special seminar on caring for Alzheimer/Dementia residents so they can present inservices. All of us have to have that particular training over the next few months.


Question: Can someone bring us up to date on what to consider, what to implement, what to expect...anything that will help AD's to better meet the needs of Alzheimer/Dementia residents.


Looking forward to some excellent advice,


Linda L. Lucas. AD ;-)


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Hey Linda! ;-)

I think your surveyors are right on the money! I have seen such a dramatic change in the type of senior populations that are being admitted to SNF's and Assisted living facilities in the past 10 years and see and know that in the next decade we will see the numbers of Alzheimers residents grow greatly!

WE MUST BE PREPARED!!!! I have been working with these types of residents for over 20 years now and know that some of the key things to remember when working with Alzheimer's residents are:

1. Environment- Lighting is important,keep things clutterfree,pets are great to have roaming around,no mirrors( this sometimes scares residents in the latter stages of alzheimers),and mainly just keep things simple!

2. Simple Commands- Instead of saying,eat all your lunch(they will look at the tray and feel overwelmed) try saying drink your juice,then when finished,eat your salad,eat your sandwich,ect. Alzheimers residents get very overwelmed easily.

3.Simple and Short Activities-Alzheimers/Dementia residents have a very short attention span and do forget what they are doing if the activity is over 15- 20 minutes.Once again,keep it simple.

4.Validate their feelings-In the old days everyone used to use Reality Awareness("No Mrs.Smith,your husband is not coming for dinner,he's dead,remember?")

Now we use Validation Therapy("Oh really Mrs.Smith,You husband is coming for dinner? Tell me about him.")

I have and still see everyday the difference that this approach will have on the Alzheimer resident.Try it.

5.Listen and Know your Alzheimer Resident- What did they do for a living,what was their family like,what was their upbringing? This can help you to help them with fun and stimulating activities geared toward the individual!

6.Just Have fun-Alzheimers residents are the most fun,sweet and gentle people you can ever work with ! :-) Gina

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:-) Hi, Gina!


Thanks for your advice. We have an Alzheimer/Dementia secured unit as well as a structured living unit. However, there are still early stage Alzheimer's and mild dementia residents in the general population. They are the ones that need attention. I will share your suggestions at the next department meeting.


Thanks again,


Linda Lucas,AD ;-)

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