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The February AD Network Newsletter in Now ONLINE!


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Hi All, The Latest AD Newsletter is posted online at



Februarys Online CEUs OnSale..


Alzheimer's and Dementia Seminar in Houston Texas .. March 4th.. contact cabacon@activitydirector.com to register


.. Visit CTRACTX.org - Upcoming OneDay CEU Workshop covering MDS 3.0, Culture Change and "I" Care Plans.. Austin Texas

download the MDS 3.0 draft in the Download area on www.activitydirector.net ...


.. The NEW 3.0 Open Office is available for free download.. Great for Activity Calendars and Newsletters www.openoffice.org

Visit www.activitydirector.com for News and Cal Templates ..


.. Visit our Online Store at http://www.activitydirector.net/shop


.. The MEPAP 1 & 2 start the first tuesday of every Month.. call 1888.238.0444 for more info... activitydirector.org


Next MEPAP 1&2 March 3rd.. now enrolling

Next Texas Basic is February 17th for Texas ADs seeking Activity Director Certification for the State of Texas

note.. both the MEPAP (nccap.org Certification) and the Texas Basic & Advanced (ctractx.org Certification) are recognized in Texas


call Cheryl at 1.888.ADU.0444 for enrollment information (cabacon(at)activitydirector.com)

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