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"Good music makes happy Residents!"


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Check out the entertainer listing on the AD Network Homepage.. we have had alot of new submissions..


Palm Beach Pops - http://www.palmbeachpops.org

Betsy Stern - www.betsystern.com


If you need a good entertainer or have one you wish to share with others please visit the Activity Directors Network Entertainer Listings at http://www.activitydirector.net/index.php?categoryid=19


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"Good music makes happy Residents!" - David Kaufman / Entertainer



I get a personal thrill from making Residents come alive again by performing favorite songs from their time. Sometimes they get up and dance. Sometimes they just wiggle their fingers and toes. Whatever their functioning level may be, I take pride in having mastered the subtle energy of entertaining seniors.


Many performers bring in a lot of equipment and remain stationary at a microphone through their entire presentation. In contrast, I bring my voice and my acoustic guitar. I don't even use a microphone. I don't need it! Not only does my classically-trained voice reach to the back row, but I will get up and walk to the back row (and every other row), giving each and every Resident the personal attention they need and deserve! Oh, there is one more thing I always remember to bring: My heart.


I have been doing this for more than ten years and have appeared at more than 100 facilities. On August 26, 2005 I was featured on the Channel Four News at 5:30 with reporter Doug Kriegel.


Sophie, a Resident at the Jewish Home for the Aging, said to me: "You put gold in my heart!"


I say to you: "Good music makes happy Residents!"


I am based in North Hollywood. I will travel anywhere in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley and I'm starting to expand into Orange County. My hourly rates are quite reasonable but I must take travel into account.




David Kaufman





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